Nacoriel, Malakite of Dreams [In Nomine]


Malakite Master of the Realms of Night

Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength: 6 Agility: 6

Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12

Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Vessel/1 (He hasn’t used it in years)

Attunements: Malakite of Dreams, Ofanite of Dreams, Mercurian of Dreams, Dream Sight, Dreamwalking, Master of the Realms of Night

Skills: Area Knowledge/6 (The Marches), Dodge/6, Dream-Shaping/6, Fighting/6, Large Weapon/6 (long sword), Move Silently/6, Throwing/6, Survival/6 (The Marches), Tracking/6

Songs: Attraction/3 (Celestial), Charm/6 (Ethereal), Daydreams/6, Dreams (Ethereal/6, Celestial/6) Draining Touch/3, Entropy/3 (Ethereal), Healing/3 (Ethereal), Might/6 (Ethereal), Nemesis/3 (Celestial), Projection/3 (Ethereal), Seals/3 (Ethereal), Shields/6 (Ethereal), Sleep (ethereal/3, Celestial), Succor/3 (Ethereal), Tongues/3 (Ethereal)


  • Suffer not an evil to live, if it is my choice.
  • Never surrender, or allow myself to be captured by the forces of Lucifer.
  • Defend what I have been given in charge.
  • I will always mind my manners.

How to describe this angel’s career?  Well, it was decided by all parties involved that Nacoriel was better suited to be in the service of Blandine, Archangel of Dreams instead of Novalis, Archangel of Flowers.  It was also agreed that Nacoriel had never really gotten the knack on appropriate uses of the Malakite of Flowers Attunement, so the Malakite voluntarily gave it up before leaving Novalis’s service.  All of this happened several hundred years ago, and if anybody involved regrets how things turned out, they have not mentioned it. Certainly Nacoriel has not returned to visit Novalis’s section of Heaven, although he admittedly does spend most of his time in the Marches of the ethereal plane anyway.

Doing what? Oh, Nacoriel kills things.  Where and when it’s appropriate, of course.  The Malakite is one of the angels that Blandine sends when an ethereal gets simultaneously powerful and obnoxious enough to get the attention of the Archangel of Dreams; Nacoriel’s job then is to find the ethereal, track the ethereal down, and kill the ethereal.  This is typically done in an extremely public and often gory manner; the Malakite is also prone to make the killing a bit extravagant in nature, should circumstances require it.

There are Servitors of Dreams who have sympathy towards ethereals, particularly the ones in the Marches who are trying to stay out of the way of both Heaven and Hell.  Nacoriel is not one of those Servitors. Oh, he doesn’t hate ethereals, either.  If one who isn’t a target (and isn’t evil) runs away from him, the Malakite will let the ethereal escape.  But an ethereal that fights Nacoriel, dies. An ethereal that doesn’t get out of Nacoriel’s way quickly enough, dies. An ethereal that has information that Nacoriel needs will be subjected to increased levels of pain until either that information is provided at acceptable levels, or else the ethereal dies. Even by Malakite standards, Nacoriel is ruthlessly inexorable.

What makes his habits even more alarming is how polite Nacoriel is.  He doesn’t raise his voice and won’t respond to merely verbal insults (naturally, actually attacking him is a death sentence for an ethereal).  It’s said that this is the last vestige of his time with the Archangel of Flowers; Novalis could never get him to be gentle, but at least she was able to get him to stay civil.  Although many ethereals might say that having a Malakite courteously beat information out of you is less appealing than it sounds; and it doesn’t sound very appealing at all, honestly.

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