Armatura Restaurada [GURPS 4e]

Armatura Restaurada 16/20

Skills: Axe-Mace, Broadsword, Crossbow, Hiking, Polearm, Shield, Spear

Optional Skills: Skills: 2-H Sword, Karate, Soldier, Wrestling

Techniques: Close Combat (Broadsword), Counterattack (Broadsword), Feint (Shield), Hook (Polearm), Retain Weapon (Shield), Sweep (Polearm), Targeted Attack (Broadsword/Vitals)

Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow (Polearm), Kiai, Mental Strength, Power Blow

Perks: Shield-Wall Training, Teamwork (Armatura Restaurada)

Weapons: Bastard Sword, Crossbow, Duelling Halberd, Legionnaire Shield

The Imperium Orci claims that this combat style has been miraculously preserved since the days of Most Ancient Rome, and was revealed to the Imperium by the intercession of Saint Anthony himself.  Precisely which Saint Anthony did this is generally open to good-natured theological debate; of course, Orcish theological debates generally involve the throwing of empty tankards (it is a sin to wantonly spill good beer, or even bad beer) at other people’s heads, but only if they have the skulls to take the blow.  Still, it’s more or less agreed that the legions today would be recognizable to the legions of that legendary, far-off time. Aramatura Restuarada is not exactly the same as the old Roman legionary style, however.  Orcs prefer bastard swords to shortswords, and crossbows to spears; they also favor halberds, both as an anti-cavalry weapon and as an anti-mage one. 

The Imperium’s training regimen is absolutely up to the levels of the Most Ancient Romans’, however.  Its legions (which will welcome any human that can keep up) train to be hardy and brutally direct in a fight, with a focus on shock and physical strength.  This style is not subtle, but neither is it particularly cruel. Or, rather: cruelty is not required, or even encouraged.

The Imperium Orci and Armamatura Restuarada have both been around for long enough to justify a few legends.  It is widely agreed upon that an Imperial centurion can smash through a mage’s defensive shields, the mage himself, and the oaken door that the mage was guarding with nothing but a polearm, and a shouted prayer to whichever Saint Anthony is on divine intercession duty in Heaven that day.  Getting one of those legendary soldiers to teach what he or she knows would be difficult, but extremely rewarding.

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