Looks like its going to be Hurricane Barry that hits Louisiana.

Currently a tropical storm, but they’re saying Barry will likely be a Category Hurricane 1 by Saturday when it makes landfall. My usual request for any of my readers (and everybody else) in the area; get out of the area. Your lives are worth more than any number of unnecessary risks.


  • Phil Smith says:

    If you’re going to leave, get going sooner rather than later. The worst possible scenario is to be stuck in traffic when the water starts rising.

    Run from the water, hide from the wind.

  • Phil Smith says:

    I was born in the rain
    On the Pontchartrain
    Underneath the Louisiana moon
    I don’t mind the strain
    Of a hurricane
    They come around every June
    The high black water
    A devil’s daughter
    She’s hard, she’s cold, and she’s mean
    But nobody taught her
    It takes a lot of water
    To wash away New Orleans

    Hurricane by Band of Heathens

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