Amazon’s trying to make ‘Prime Day’ a thing again.

More power to them and everything, but I don’t think that I’ve ever actually bought anything on ‘Prime Day.’ Usually I go look, and discover that it’s all mostly junk that I don’t particularly want and/or need, at a discount that’s fairly meh anyway. I feel that this is not really compatible with Amazon’s apparent desire to make July 15th an international holiday. Maybe they’re just humoring Jeff Bezos? Because this has all the hallmarks of an operation that is put on solely because the boss insisted.

But don’t mind me. Prime Day away! …Hey, look: neo-hipster sarcasm and too-cool-for-this-stuff is all very well, but referral fees are referral fees.


  • jetty says:

    For the past week we loaded our Amazon prime shopping cart. Yesterday we had accumulated 25 items for a total of $619. We had a variety of thing: toys, school supplies, books, electronics, etc. This morning when I went to check out, THE COST HAD INCREASED TO $621.

    I’m an idiot.

  • Luke says:

    I bought an SD card last year at a pretty amazing price, but the signal:noise ratio sucks for the most part.
    That said, it’s a good time to buy Amazon brand electronics if you need a new e-reader or tablet.
    The back to school “sales” suck this year.
    I thought I’d see if it was a good time to get the laser printer I’ve been trying to rationalize. A model that I know was selling for around $80 a few months ago, was double that “on sale”.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      Nothing is truly on “sale” until about a month after peak demand. Then it’s usually labeled Clearance.
      I buy my winter stuff in April, and my summer stuff in September when I can.

  • Finrod says:

    Screw Amazon Prime Day, I bought a brand-new pinball machine yesterday. Cost me more than the five I already have combined, but every one of those were at least 10 years old when I bought them, and a couple of them I could easily sell now for 3x what I paid for them.


  • acat says:

    I ordered .. something. Not sure I actually ordered it on Prime Day or not but .. followed the procedure.
    Go to Amazon. Find what I want. Put it in the cart.
    Close the tab.
    Go to Moe’s. Click the “Shop Amazon” button. Browse a bit.
    Go to cart. Check out.
    Please tell me this is correct?

    • acat says:

      Also .. been binge-watching stuff off Prime Video and .. they’ve been hyping the “Prime Day Concert”, hosted by Jane Lynch, and featuring .. one act I’ve heard of .. Taylor Swift, I think. (what’s a Dua Lipa?)
      I hope Amazon manage to make this a thing but .. doubt they will manage it. Takes real money .. and they’re not spending it.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      If you did it yesterday, it’s not getting credited. Which is …ehh, we’re doing OK anyway.

  • Belcatar says:

    Why is it called Prime Day, when 15 is a composite number? Shouldn’t it be on the 11th or the 13th?

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