Methgators [The Day After Ragnarok]


[The Day After Ragnarok]

Description: a smaller-than average, almost skeletally thin alligator, with horrible teeth and a persistent twitch.  Its smell is grotesque.

Habitat: Gulf Coast, Ras al-Thuban

There are those that say that they’re called methgators because their flesh contains enough methamphetamine sacs to supply a platoon.  And there are those who say that they’re called methgators because they also produce enough internal methane to allow a methgator to take the air for short, flame-assisted periods of time, and then try to eat your face.  Broadly speaking, they’re both right.

About the only nice thing you can say about methgators is that at least they’re not as big as regular ones.  They largely go after waterfowl, lying in wait at favorite watering spots and then pouncing as their prey comes in for a landing; but methgators aren’t fussy about where their meat comes from.  They are also not particularly easy to tame.  Assuming that anybody would even want to: methgators are nasty, violent, and far too oblivious to pain.  They also sneer at most poisons. You can only reliably quickly kill them by blowing enough of their body mass away that the rest can’t function.

Although that’s a problem for people trying to harvest the methamphetamine sacs.  Some harvesting groups handle this by snaring the methgator, then pulling it up to dangle from a tree until it wears itself out from trying to escape (which absolutely will include the use of the methane jet, so pick a tree and chain that won’t ignite easily).  Once it’s out of methane, the methgator can be ‘safely’ decapitated and the hide harvested. The faster the harvesting, the more methamphetamine sacs that can be salvaged, so sometimes there’s a certain push to just get on with the decapitation.

As you might imagine, methgator hunters tend to have extremely rough senses of humor.  Then again, they’re hunting vicious animals in the Drowned Coast, so that’s to be expected, right?

Stats: Use the Alligator/Crocodile stats from page 145 of the Savage Worlds rulebook, with the following changes: reduce Strength to d8, add +1 to Armor, and replace Rollover with:

  • Leap: methgators add 1“ to all jumps, and an additional 2” with a successful Strength roll.  The methgator cannot really aim the flame, but it will cause 1d6 damage if somebody gets hit with it.


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