The King’s Man trailer.

I’m down.

Although, confession time: I haven’t seen Kingsman: Golden Circle yet. Yet. They had a rather nice sale on the two movie collection on Amazon today, which tends to argue that maybe I was a little hasty in dismissing this Prime Day thingy. Anyway, I have ordered it, and will probably watch the second movie at some point this week, once the kids are in bed. Then I’ll be caught up.


  • BigFire says:

    Consider just how much of a table wipe Golden Circle was, doing the origin story of the organization is a good choice.

    • acat says:

      I also haven’t seen Golden Circle ..
      I understand, from the previews, that it pretty much wipes the Kingsman TOE (troops, organization, equipment) clean .. other than Eggsy ..
      Retelling the backstory will let ’em retcon in any necessary plot points for a post-Golden Circle rebuild.

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