Taika Waititi to do Thor 4, at the expense of Akira.

That’s pretty much what that boils down to: Taika Waititi will direct the next Thor movie, but they’re going to have to push back Akira (which he is/was already supposed to direct) in exchange. Let me be honest: I fully expected that a live-action Akira would be horrible, although I didn’t realize that Waititi would be directing it. Another Thor movie with Waititi directing it will likely not be horrible, so this works out as being an net improvement.

Akira fans are, of course, free to disagree with me on this topic, and I will fully understand and not take offense.

One thought on “Taika Waititi to do Thor 4, at the expense of Akira.”

  1. My friend is pushing for the Thor sequel to be called Th4r. Catchy, but a little too close to the Fantastic Four remake name for my taste.

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