Wesley Snipes cool with neither being Blade, nor having to eat boiled chicken for the rest of eternity.

I’m guessing the latter part from context.

Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige shocked the world at Comic-Con when Mahershala Ali was announced as theĀ Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Blade. Ali takes over for Wesley Snipes, who played the Daywalker in the original trilogy. ComicBook.com has obtained a statement from Snipes, telling fans of his to “chillaaxx” and embrace the new casting.

(Via GeekTyrant) But it’s a safe extrapolation, I reckon. I have no idea what shape Wesley Snipes is in; but, knowing the MCU’s robust physical requirements for superhero films, whatever it is, it won’t be good enough. Mahershala Ali is in for months upon months of grueling physical training and a diet designed to suck all the fun out of life; Wesley Snipes can go have a burger while his agent negotiates for the Whistler role for him*. Or at least a fan-pleasing cameo. Everybody gets they want.

Moe Lane

PS: Hell yeah I want another BLADE movie. The first one has one of my favorite opening scenes to an action or horror or superhero flick ever. (And one that’s not on YouTube in a non-crappy form.)

*It’s a good fit, I think. Very callback-y.

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  • jeboyle says:

    Agree that he would be a good fit for Whistler. And it would give him a chance to play both sides of the character, so to speak.

  • bensdad00 says:

    Pedantic and slightly off topic….so two of my favorite things… but it isn’t right to refer to Blade as a trilogy. Trilogy implies a connected, over-arching story. Blade just happened to stop after three films.

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