Called Shot [GURPS 4e]

Called Shot [Protection and Warning]

Regular; Resisted by DX

This spell shifts all attacks to a specific Hit Location on the target.  That Hit Location does not receive extra protection!  Any attempt to aim at a different Hit Location will take double the usual penalty to hit, while aiming at the spell’s designated Hit Location ignores the usual penalty to hit.  Attempting to hit chinks in armor is at an additional -4, before doubling the penalty.

Called Shot is usually used benignly, to ‘encourage’ attacks on a particular piece of armor (typically breastplates or other torso armor; shields are too flimsy to hold up for long), but can be also cast as an indirect assassination tool.  If this is the case, then the target may use his Maneuver to make a DX roll; if successful, he will ignore the effects of Called Shot for the rest of the turn.

Duration: 1 minute.

Cost: 4 to cast, 2 to maintain.

Prerequisites: Magery 2, Deflect Missile, Missile Shield.

Item: Jewelry or armor.  Always on. If multiple pieces of armor with Called Shot are worn, attacks will target the piece affecting the Hit Location with the highest ‘natural’ to-hit penalty.  Jewelry is typically cursed, and almost invariably ‘protects’ the eyes or vitals.  Energy cost to create: 5,000.

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