Wizards of the Elektron Tower.

Wizards of the Elektron Tower

[The Day After Ragnarok]

City: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Population: 1,100

Controls: The area around the Elektron Tower

Government: Machine

Problem: Serpent Cultists

Heroic Opportunity: Arcana

City Aspect: Arcane

Fort Wayne did not survive the Serpentfall: it was hit with that one-two-three punch of plagues, unchecked fires, and eventual famine that wiped out so many unlucky cities in the Midwest.  However, the area around the Lincoln Bank wasn’t touched by the fires. When a band of refugees found the site the next spring, they were able to secure the area around the skyscraper (tallest one in Indiana!) as far north and east as the river.  By now they have essentially recreated a walled fort, or possibly small walled town.

But it’s the reputation of the ‘Elektron Tower’ that keeps the settlement safe.  At the very least, the Tower hosts a variety of ‘wizards’ with the Arcane Background [Magic] edge, covering all of the spells from the base book, with libraries to match.  They also should have at least one person with the Arcane Background [Miracles] edge, who the wizards consider to be a magic-user (the sentiment is likely not reciprocated).  If the GM wants there to be anyone with the Arcane Background [Psionics] edge available, this will be the place to find one outside of the Soviet Union; they will also be considered wizards, and this sentiment is likely to be reciprocated.  Lastly: the Serpent Taint level inside the walled settlement is 1, and even its immediate vicinity is only 2.

In Poisoned Lands terms, this means that the Elektron Tower settlement is an enclave of peace, serenity, tranquility, and purity in a very dangerous world.  The City Council of wizards running the place are by now accustomed to publicly acting gnomic and benevolent, but dangerous to cross (which they are). The local bandit gangs are terrified of Elektron Tower, of course; but they also know that if they stay out of the Tower’s business then the Tower will stay out of theirs.  So do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, etc. etc. etc.

Assuming that the Elektron Tower can survive the next few years, those bandit gangs will likely turn into something resembling baronies, and eventually one of the proto-barons will make a deal with the wizards of the Tower and parlay that into becoming an actual monarch, and there’s not much in the area to prevent the formation and expansion of a reasonably-sized Kingdom of Indiana (although the monarch will probably style himself Governor, in the ancient manner).  But first the Tower has to survive the next few years. There’s already been hints that there’s a Serpent Cult in the area, with their own access to magic. The cult seems to be more interested in subversion than destruction, though. After all, a Serpent Kingdom of Indiana would be perfectly acceptable to the cultists, as long as one of them got to be the Serpent King.


  • Luke says:

    Side note of possible interest/use:
    Ft. Wayne is the final resting place of one John Chapman.
    He was a bit of a religious zealot, didn’t believe in wearing shoes, wore a pot as a hat, and is mostly remembered with the surname of “Appleseed”.

  • Towering Barbarian says:

    Important question: What does telepathic interaction with a Serpent Cultist (Deep Probes in particular) do to the telepath? o_O

  • nicklevi86 says:

    They Mayor of Fort Wayne during the 40s was one Harry Baals. He was very popular, although memorials have been a recurring issue in the city. Except with the beer. The local brewers had no problem slapping that name on the beer.

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