Two-Fisted Talents for Adventure! [GURPS 4e]

Two-Fisted Talents For Adventure!

Field Explorer

This Talent is for the more energetic sort of archaeologist or researcher.  It covers the skills used to get to and around the ruined temple, rather than why the temple existed in the first place — or why it’s ruined. If the GM wishes to add Gesture, Melee Weapon (Whip), and Traps to the Talent, raise the cost to 10 points/level.

Field Explorer: Area Knowledge, Climbing, Hiking, Jumping, Streetwise, and Survival.  Reaction bonus: students, people inclined to romanticism, anyone you’re currently rescuing. 5 points/level.


This Talent is taken by those who design the more esoteric elements of a dynamic archeological site.  Non-mages can take this Talent just as readily as mages do; depending on the campaign, a Geomancer could easily be a priest, or someone with psionic powers.  Geomancy and Great Architect are complementary Talents: often, the same person will have levels in both.

Geomancer: Alchemy, Cryptography, Geology, Hidden Lore, Jewelry, Mathematics, Occultism, Religious Ritual, Ritual Magic, Symbol Drawing, Thaumatology, and Theology. Reaction bonus: other occultists, general savants.  10 points/level.

Great Architect

This Talent represents the ability to actually build the giant temple that will later be ruined, yet still potentially deadly to the Field Explorer that comes to loot it.  Weird Science in particular represents the uncanny tendency for thousand year old traps to still somehow have functional poison darts, and the springs to fire them.  Great Architect and Geomancer are complementary Talents: often, the same person will have levels in both.

Great Architect: Administration, Architecture, Camouflage, Engineering, Leadership, Machinist, Masonry, Mechanic, Traps, and Weird Science. Reaction bonus: the people who work for you, although very possibly that’s a favorable reaction based on fear.  10 points/level.

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