Area 51 ‘raid’ to be turned into Alienstock?

Well, that’s one way not to be neuralized by the Illuminati: “…the creator of the “Storm Area 51” event, Matty Roberts, is looking to change things up a bit and is turning the meet up into a festival for alien enthusiasts to get together and hang out, and he’s calling it Alien Stock.” Yes, yes, I know that they’re spelling it with two words. But if you’re going to derive something’s name from ‘Woodstock,’ you have to make it all one word.

…Unless that’s supposed to be ‘stock’ as in ‘stock pen.’ Which would mean that the aliens are planning to swoop in and beam all of the attendees away to their worldships for involuntary calorie redistribution. In which case… avoid Rachel, Nevada between September 19th to 22nd, I guess.

Site for this very, very 2019 sort of thing here.

Moe Lane


One thought on “Area 51 ‘raid’ to be turned into Alienstock?”

  1. I’ll take the Over on “number of people running out of gas on the way”.
    (Nevada put up road signs warning motorists how far it is until the next gas station, but people refuse to believe it. No, it isn’t a marketing scam to get you to buy overpriced gas. It really is well over a hundred miles. Buy the overpriced gas. Transporting it to the middle of nowhere costs, and you’re covering it.)

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