The “I will declare KANLY if they f*ck this up” LITTLE WOMEN trailer.

I am a forgiving man. When they zombified STARSHIP TROOPERS, I held my peace and let it go, because this was the business we were in. When they skinned WILD WILD WEST and turned it into a skin mask, I averted my eyes in distaste. When they butchered ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, I narrowed my eyes, ground my teeth, and shook my head in contempt. . But you will not f*ck up LITTLE WOMEN, you Hollywood motherf*ckers. Do you hear me? DO YOU F*CKING HEAR ME?

You get one chance. ONE.

I’m watching you, Hollywood.

Moe Lane

PS: Nobody say a damned word about the Winona Ryder LITTLE WOMEN. Saw it in theaters. Cried when Beth died BECAUSE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO. That’s the bar to clear, Hollywood.


  • Luke says:

    Zek: That movie made enough money for us to reimagine. But The Craft and Wild Things came out at about the same time, and made much *more* money. So I’m thinking we do a mashup. Little Women featuring lesbian witches.
    The feminists will eat it up.

  • jeboyle says:

    I don’t think these guys understand the kind of fire they’re playing with. They screw up Little Women and my 90 year old mother will strap on my dad’s service revolver and go looking for payback, with all four of my sisters and their daughters riding in her posse.

    I spoke many soothing words when that Anne of Green Gables travesty came out. Words won’t be enough if Little Women gets the same treatment.

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