Video of the Day, The Good Lord Looks Out For Fools, Drunkards…

…And The United States Of America edition:

Don’t go wandering around Area 51 with motorbikes, kids. The ‘camo-dudes’ don’t appreciate it. Also, while we’re on the subject: don’t go to that Area 51 festival next month. The town absolutely does not have the facilities to accommodate you.


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    “Camo Dudes” = Special Forces “muthaf-ers” that can kill you with their pinky.

  • Luke says:

    Neither does Burning Man.
    If you take responsibility for your own needs, the logistics are very straightforward.
    Of course, some people are really, really stupid.
    Not too terribly far from there, on 93, I pulled over to help a couple of women who had blown their radiator. I had leakstop, spare hoses, clamps, 10 gallons of water, and another 5 of coolant. Because I was crossing the desert, and that’s what you do.
    It could have been their lucky day.
    But they’d evidently watched one horror movie too many. They took one look at my beat-up old pickup and… Well, I have never seen anyone run through cactus that fast, and they weren’t even wearing chaps.
    I hope they made it back to their car ok, but I admit to feeling a bit insulted.

  • Phil Smith says:

    That looks staged to me. Neither of the ‘camo-dudes’ is in uniform. No visible rank or unit insignia. Fat boy is not up to physical standards. Uncovered outdoors. Sleeves improperly rolled. One guys boots are bloused, the other guy’s aren’t.
    Short guy is wearing a cover that is non issue, and he’s not particularly fit either. Truck is not marked as a government vehicle. Just way too much inconsistency.

    Neither of those guys were SF, which would excuse some of the irregularity in their attire. They would most likely be MPs in that particular place, which neither of those dudes were – because they’d have been in uniform.

    I’m going to ask my son (Army) to see how many more irregularities he can spot.

  • Luke says:

    No reason to worry, unless they’re wearing black suits.

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