Disney+ announcing more Marvel shows.

Presumably at least some of them are going to be animated, because the three in development being announced are Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. I dunno about Moon Knight, but even today a stretchy shape-shifter and a Big Green Gal would challenge an episodic series*. Having animators just makes more sense to me.

Of the three of them, I want to see She-Hulk the most, because she’s a lawyer and a superhero legal series would be awesome. You could have superhero’ guest stars’ every week for the B-plot; she’d have to get them out of whatever stupid, yet funny legal brouhaha they had gotten into, and there’d be inappropriate superhero powers used in the courtroom, and, you know. Probably a lot of physical comedy. I would be down for that.

Moe Lane

*The Hollywood Reporter thinks differently, when it comes to Ms. Marvel. Or they heard it wrong. Or they just don’t know one way or the other and are assuming.


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