Tweet-thread of the Day, The Banality Of Communism edition.

This doesn’t count, because it’s about Commies. I reserve a carve-out, now and forevermore, to mock Commies (in this particular case, to mock Commie Twitterbots). @AirMovingDevice has the thread:

There was an old saying in the Soviet Union: As long as the bosses pretend to pay us, we will pretend to work. I suspect this ethos was at work. It beggars belief that anybody in the People’s Republic of China might realistically believe that random Americans — Americans* — would en masse learn Cantonese so as to post tweets supporting the PRC. But the bosses said that they wanted some American bot accounts; so all right, Comrade. Go scrape some disused accounts. Can’t get in trouble for doing your job, hey?

Oh, and for the benefit of anybody from the Cyberspace Administration of China that might be reading this, at any point: we are all laughing at your country. Because this was a silly thing that only unsophisticated people would try, and expect to succeed. I will not say that they were ‘backwards,’ because that is now considered a rude, low term; and as an impromptu representative of the most powerful nation and culture on the planet, it behooves me to show politeness.

Just to clear that up.

Moe Lane

*My people are notorious for their insistence that the rest of the planet learn our language, if they wish to communicate with us. Or even if we wish to communicate with them. It’s perhaps a somewhat obnoxious quirk, but much less of one than, say, installing American Governor-Generals in what used to be national capitals.

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