What… exactly is WandaVision going to BE?

Is this really going to be a sitcom? Because WandaVision kind of looks like a sitcom. Heck, it looks like the cover art for an independent-press TTRPG about 1950s superheroes.

I’m not objecting, just bemused.


  • DemosthenesVW says:

    Please, let the whole series be a Scarlet Witch-created alternate reality. PLEASE, let the whole series be a Scarlet Witch-created alternate reality…
    Not that such a thing would be enough to get me to sign up for Disney+. After Spidey split the MCU, I’m done with both Disney and Sony for a while. But this would be the best idea.

  • Luke says:

    A travesty, dear boy. A travesty.

  • Compound says:

    Well, the most recent Vision run had him building a family and relocating to the suburbs to try and live a “Father Knows Best”-ish life. And in the 1985 series, when Wanda was still with the Vision (they aren’t together now for reasons), basically used the pair as a not-subtle stand in for suburban bigotry towards “the other.” I have a suspicion about the plot arc and premise, but it’s not due until 2021 and they haven’t started filming yet so I don’t really want to possibly spoil things this early.

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