Comic of the Day, I Call This The Bugs Bunny Gambit edition.

Bugs encountered a genie once, you see. The genie granted him a wish: he asked for a carrot. No, wait: two carrots. It’s the same basic principle:

A smart basic principle, too.

4 thoughts on “Comic of the Day, I Call This The Bugs Bunny Gambit edition.”

  1. Yep .. certainly seems to introduce fewer bugs than .. wishing everyone had read *and understood* Kipling in middle school .. or wishing everyone would die of natural causes .. or wishing away sociopathic disorder ..

  2. “Those things are always traps”. Yep, Larry Niven had a short story in his “Magic Goes Away” universe involving a subtle trap a genie put in a very carefully worded wish. (Plus of course many other examples.)

  3. There was a series on books written by Nick Polatta based on the “Stalking the Night Fantastic/Bureau 13” RPGs that TriTac made back in the 80s. For the younguns, Bureau 13 was kind of a proto- Monster Hunter Inl./ S.A.V.E. /eta. monster hunting agency run by the federal government. In one of the books the main character, for reasons I can’t quite recall (I think the agency just got walloped by a bad guy and he’s about to fight the baddie) grabs a genie lamp, summons one, and then proceeds to construct a 200 word or so wish to help him out in the battle. Note- he did sit down for a period of time prior to summoning to work out the wording of the wish, so this wasn’t a spontaneous thing.

  4. I was unusually nice about those.
    I basically looked at them as a one- time “summon deus ex machina”, and as long as the players kept the chit safely in their pocket until they needed to use it to save their heinies, and provided a reasonable excuse as to how they were going to be saved, they got off with a minimum of negative consequences.
    Of course, players tend to be short- sighted and greedy…
    And fear is as good as excuse as any to keep a blank check on the ledger.
    There is one notable exception.
    (Which I’ve abused much more than seen others attempt.)
    If you are handing over the character to NPC status, you can go a bit nuts. PROVIDED that you add something interesting to the setting, wrap up the character’s arc in a satisfying way, and the wish is in keeping with the character’s goals and ideals.
    (Last I heard, one character of mine was still a force in the world, some fifteen RL years after I’d retired him.)

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