The BAD BOYS FOR LIFE (and a paycheck) trailer.

Well, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE as a sequel does make more thematic sense than the one for the Handmaid’s Tale book does. Not that I actually begrudge Ms. Atwood for wanting to get a taste of that sweet, sweet freak-out cash. You don’t leave money on the table in this business — or, indeed, any other.

Also: did Will Smith just stop aging, after a certain point? I ask because Martin Lawrence is definitely a more stereotypical-looking middle aged dude now. Nothing wrong with that, either, but the difference is noteworthy.


  • Phil Smith says:

    Diet, fitness regime, and of course, Scientology. Gotta keep them Thetans at bay.

    And perhaps unsurprisingly, iOS spellchecker doesn’t recognize either of those two terms.

  • JustDave says:

    Yeah, middle-age spread is a real thing. The only real difference between the two I see is that ML is carrying (guessing) 50 or so more pounds than he really should.


    (It should also be noted for the record that I am in no position to judge on such things.)

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