Tweet of the Day, That’s… Insanely Cool. And Insane. edition.

I just assumed that they filmed the wilder stuff in the Mission Impossible series in a studio. I was apparently wrong. I also absolutely would not do this. I mean, geez, what if somebody left the lens cap on?


  • Compound says:

    What boggles my mind is that they let Cruise jump out of a plane (and possibly Cavill too. I’m not seeing a place where he could have stepped out of the way and let a stuntman take his place. The door maybe? Doesn’t seem to be enough time, especially with the way that the scene is filmed. CGI maybe? The guy in white doesn’t show up in the final movie.) And a nighttime jump as well. The insurance companies must have been having kittens.
    Slightly longer clip, with Cruise noting that he needed to land exactly 3 ft away from the cameraman as well:

  • Aetius451AD says:

    It is a good movie. Overall, I think the one before was better (Irish lady in slinky green dress probably had something to do with it), but still darn good.

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