Location seed: the USS Oriskany Special Consulate.

USS Oriskany Special Consulate

You know, they don’t normally sink upright aircraft carriers with the Oriskany’s combat record.  There’s the matter of all those ghosts that will come along for the ride, you see.  But then, the ghosts are sort of the point.

It’s like this: a lot of people have died at sea, over the years. Many of them during wars, which more or less counts as a form of human sacrifice, if the person dying chooses to think of it that way.  Not every post-mortem sapient will think of it in that way, of course; most instead decide to go on to whatever happens next to people when they die.

But the ones who do will find it very easy to anchor themselves in our ethereal plane, which is unfortunately the same plane of existence as the one where all the natural spirits normally live.  Those spirits are actually utterly unaffected by anything that living mortals do (which is fortunate, for living mortals), and they can accommodate the spirits that decide to stick around. But. Well.  Humans fought many naval wars in the last few centuries. It’s not crowded yet, but some more work on the backlog would be nice.

What backlog?  The backlog of spirits who have anchored themselves to the ethereal plane Because Of Unfinished Business, of course.  This is Field Ghostology* 101: unquiet spirits can most easily be sent on by fulfilling whatever last duty or promising is keeping them there.  The USS Oriskany is simply a combination waiting area / occult working space for those who metaphorically trawl the seven seas for ghosts requiring assistance.  That’s frankly the boring part, which is why trawling for prospective clients gets assigned as an administrative punishment by the appropriate agencies.

But providing assistance to clients?  Oh, that can be a lot more fun.  And it often requires a bit of creativity, too.

*An actual word.

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