In Nomine Revisited: Equinox.


The equinoxes are special times for celestials.

Normally, a celestial will recover Essence at either sunrise or sunset, depending on whether they’re an angel or a demon. However, on the days of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, celestials will instead generate Essence at the precise moment of the equinox, and will regenerate two Essence, not one. This is true for all celestials.  Outcasts, the Celestially Discordant, Renegades, Remnants, those in Limbo: everybody.

Naturally, traditions have sprung up around this twice-yearly phenomenon. Angels usually try to spend that ‘special Essence’ to do someone a favor, or just give it away to the less fortunate: demons, including the ones in Hell, are (grudgingly) permitted by their Prince to use it on anything that they damned well please. It can get very noisy on those two days.

Both Heaven and Hell also throw parties.  In Heaven, the centerpiece is a massive blowout at the Glades. Novalis, Archangel of Flowers, and her Servitors throw a party that everybody who’s anybody shows up for — including Archangels that normally wouldn’t be caught dead in the place. The rule is, if you can stand the Light of Heaven, you’ve got an automatic invitation; ethereals have calmly walked in, hung out, and left without being molested, and there’s been more than one Redemption that’s taken place at the event. It’s also about the only time that anyone’s ever seen Dominic, Archangel of Judgement, sit down and have a drink. Although he keeps the hood up, which usually clashes horribly with the garland of roses that somehow manages to accumulate around him.

Hell’s bashes are a lot more diverse.  Every Prince tries to outdo the other, except for Mammon, Prince of Greed, and Kronos, Prince of Fate: the former is a skinflint, and the latter’s just not a partying type.  What the parties all have in common (obviously, they have their own themes, which should probably be left to the imagination) is that they are about as safe a place for a demon to be as one can find in the Infernal regions. 

The prize is to have Lucifer show up, of course. To that end, the maneuverings and plotting can be intense (and invariably fatal to some Servitors) in the weeks before the Day itself. Of course, the Lightbringer merely picks a spot to go at random each time; but still, it’s quite the coup, and the other Princes will be a little more wary around you for the next six months, so who cares?

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