The House, Part 4/x

After all of this, it seemed terribly anticlimactic to discover that the house was available for rent.

I discovered this while physically examining the house’s property record; most of the entries were digitized, but the town had not yet gotten to this particular property.  Included in the extremely bland information available had been a business card for a local real estate office, attached to the last sale deed (Bland LLC to Boring LLC, nothing interesting or noteworthy).  On a whim, I called the number; surprisingly, the number still worked and the company still existed. I made an appointment with the houses broker for the next day.

Wayne Prizrak turned out to be one of those unfortunate people who continually get disdain by the common herd of humanity, and I can never quite understand why.  True, he was tall, and slender, and his features were dominated by a steady, unblinking gaze; but we each found the other’s company instantly congenial, and our discussion of the house moved smoothly from his office to a reasonably good restaurant down the block.

“It’s a challenging house to rent,” Wayne said, and used my first name. I do not often permit that on such short notice, but I did so here. “More than one person has tried, only to fall short.”


  • acat says:

    Out of curiosity, and if it can be told, are you writing this on the fly, is it pre-written and pre-sliced, or is it .. a little of both? (some are pre-written, some are just an outline ..)
    Asking because I’m a cat, the curiosity came with the stylish fur coat.

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