Tweet of the Day, …Why Are We Even Bothering TO Create Works Of Horror, then? edition.

I mean, if you don’t understand by now that you’re not supposed to touch with your bare hands the creature hitherto unknown to science that you just pulled up from below the ice, then maybe you deserve to have your entire research facility turned into a nightmarish landscape of jellies and death. There is no excuse! You’ve been warned for decades that Antarctica is impatiently waiting to eat you!

I’m sorry to be the killjoy here, but somebody’s gotta be.

Via @kennethhite.


  • nicklevi86 says:

    Oh, sure. Just go mucking about in a place called the Abyssal Plane.
    What happens when life imitates art imitating life? Is that where The Madness lies?

  • Towering Barbarian says:

    Keeping John W. Campbell and “Who Goes There?” in mind, are we absolutely sure that scientist was still that scientist at the time he picked that critter up? o_O

  • jeboyle says:

    What’s that?

    Smile for the camera while holding the infant shoggoth?

    Oh HECK no!

  • Rockphed says:

    … it looks like a crustacean of some sort. And if they pulled it out from under 3.5 km of ice, it is probably dead.
    Yeah, that sounded dumb to me too. I guess we have to execute plan “Cleanse the Antarctic with Nuclear Fire” now and hope for the best.

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