Book of the Week: Target Rich Environment, Volume 2.

Larry Correia’s Target Rich Environment, Volume 2 is of course not out until December, but Baen has it on E-ARC. I got it largely for the Grimnoir story, but the Predator one is pretty boss, too. Or have we stopped using that slang term? Ach, well, we can bring it back for this post.


  • RangerSG says:

    Boss is better than dope, any day. Or dank. And yes, more Grimnoire is always a good thing. I know he’s better known for MHI. But I prefer Superhero Dieselpunk Noir, myself.

    • BigFire says:

      He has on his docket a new Grimnoir trilogy set in the ’50s. There’s currently 3 short stories in Grimnoir (prequel Detroit Christmas, sequels Murder on the Orient Elite and Tokyo Raider). The sequel trilogy will probably take place after Tokyo Raider which features Magic/Diesel Gundam Vs. Soviet Godzilla.

      • acat says:

        ‘s on the “avoiding buying the eArc, with gritted teeth, until the day before the next flight” list..

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