The House, Part 13/x

The mouse disappeared immediately.  And by ‘immediately’ I mean that I turned my back for a moment to put down my keys, only to hear the metal scrape of the cage door swinging open; when I turned back the cage was empty and there was no mouse to be seen.  No sounds had come from the mouse itself, then and presumably ever.

This was amazing!  I had assumed that if anything was going to happen, it would take at least a few days to play out.  But, no, the results were almost blindingly fast. Although possibly the mouse had managed to escape.  Clearly, further experimentation would be needed.

I wonder if the people in the area who keep snakes noticed my sudden shopping spree, because that week I bought every live mouse, rat, cricket, and even a couple of the cheaper-looking hamsters.  All cash, of course, and spread out among several different pet stores so that it would take them longer to notice. I assume that someone would, given that they probably looked out for people who wanted to sacrifice small animals — and was I not doing precisely that?  Of course, I didn’t know what I was sacrificing to.  Or worried about it; after all, eventually I’d find out.

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  • Rockphed says:

    This is going to end right around the beginning of November with him writing out his death screams and mad laughter, isn’t it.

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