The House, Part 15/x.

After about a week or so, things seemed to slow down.  The house would take about five mice every three days, more or less regularly; I did have to keep the live cricket aquarium refilled daily, though.  The nice thing about that was, I noticed very quickly that it did not matter if a cricket got loose; loose ones would disappear almost immediately. I thought about getting a snake or something else that actually did eat crickets as cover for my daily purchases, except that I was unsure that it would last for very long, and snakes can be expensive.

So. I was apparently feeding a house.  My original worries that I was building up its appetite seemed more and more unreasonable; I suspected that what I was doing instead was sating its appetite, possibly for the first time in years.  I imagined that being locked in place and having to wait for its meals to wander by was not the best evolutionary strategy, but it was what the house had here and now.  I also noted the continuing lack of insect life in the area, and concluded that the house continued to consume such things out of habit.

I tested this, actually.  A frozen dead mouse stayed around until it started to smell; but frozen crickets would go almost as quickly as live ones did. Perhaps the house merely likes the crunch.

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