I TOLD YOU ALL Sony would deal and give up 25% of Spider-Man to Disney. I DID.

I absolutely did. August 23rd.

I figure that Sony will try to seriously hold Disney to getting 20% or 25%, instead of the 5% that the Mouse is getting now. Since Disney was asking for 50%, that may even be doable.


Sony has agreed to the terms that Disney originally proposed for its participation in a third Spider-Man movie where by Disney/Marvel would co-finance 25% of a third Homecoming movie for a 25% equity stake. The deal also calls for Spider-Man appearing in one more Disney/Marvel movie.

Sony was never gonna accept 50%, and Disney had a point that 5% wasn’t justified. But there was money on the damn table, and neither side was quite willing to overturn it. So they split the difference. LIKE I FIGURED THEY WOULD.

I feel vindicated. And smug, of course. Maybe mostly smug.

Moe Lane

PS: Now watch as the deal falls through, since I’m crowing about being right.


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