The House, Part 20/x


The narrative of the dreams stayed stable, even repetitive at first, but as the nights began to grow longer the details began to change.  A few nights after I started bringing the mice into the house my dream-self noticed that the cords binding the owl seemed somehow less tangled than before.  They were still handily immobilizing the great bird, but they began to shift from the wings and the neck to the legs and claws.  

The bird began to look more alert, too, although never violent or even very threatening.  It would watch my mouse-self with those steady, unblinking eyes seen in nature shows. As if it were waiting for me to come within range of its sharp-looking beak.  And I would come closer! Every night, my mouse-self would drift a bit nearer to the owl. And the owl would continue to watch. To bide.

As I said: I did not have the owl dream for several nights after Wayne mentioned it at dinner.  But when at last I did have the dream, I could see that the details had shifted again. This time it started with my mouse-self well within striking distance by the owl, which by now was restrained only by a few cords about its claws.  I could see those cords; I could even smell them. And i could only begin to imagine the taste of them.

Which left me no choice, I thought; so that night I started, ever so carefully, to gnaw at them.

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  • Rockphed says:

    Yeah, I still expect this to wrap up around Halloween with perfectly written out mad rantings or screams of pain. Bravo on writing this.

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