Camp Springs Army Air Base [The Day After Ragnarok]

Camp Springs Army Air Base

[The Day After Ragnarok]

Location: Camp Springs, Maryland

Camp Springs AAB would be remembered as being the place from where President Harry S Truman fled from the Serpentfall, if only anyone had survived the evacuation attempt.   But nobody did, no report of Truman’s flight made it to the West, and it’s widely assumed in what’s left of the USA that the President and his Cabinet died when Washington, DC drowned.  In reality, Truman did make it to Camp Springs and was in the process of taking off when the tsunami hit. While the air base was technically high enough to not be inundated, it didn’t matter in the slightest; the President’s plane and escorts were either all batted out of the sky, or smashed on the ground.

Since then?  Well, nobody’s gone to look at a wrecked air base in the middle of the Drowned Coast, especially since the area is covered with monsters.  Besides, there still aren’t that many people who know that Camp Springs is even worth looking at; as noted before, news of Truman’s flight didn’t get far before the Serpentfall wrecked the Eastern seaboard.  Most of the people who heard the original radio messages, well, died shortly thereafter. What’s left is the usual mix of contradictory rumors.

But would somebody check out Camp Springs, if they did know?  Maybe. Chicago in particular might be interested in giving a (very) little speculative aid towards an expedition.  There might be useful papers or sturdy loot, after all. For that matter, if Chicago got its hands on the verifiable skeleton of Harry S Truman, to be brought back and buried in state in a suitably mawkish and ornate manner, that would likely rebound to Chicago’s credit among its neighbors.  Every little bit helps, no?
Of course, that’s assuming that the party doesn’t find in the ruins a broken old man who answers to the name ‘Harry S Truman.’  If that happens, yeah, that’s going to end up being an entire thing.  After all, if it’s true there are a lot of people ready and in fact eager to insist that he’s still the President.  And if it’s false, they’ll likely be at least tempted to insist that anyway.

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  1. …. and what of a tainted crazy old man who insists he’s Harry S-is-for-serpent Truman ?

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