Shackled [Celestial] [In Nomine]

Shackled (Celestial Discord, -3/level)

The Shackled Celestial Discord penalizes celestials (penalty equal to the level of the Discord) for all mundane activities that do not credibly serve their Superior’s Word.  This does include Outcasts or Renegades.  Shackled does not affect dissonance per se, but the celestial will be very uncomfortable in situations that would normally be Word-dissonant: add -1 to the skill penalty.

This Discord is often imposed on disobedient Servitors who might not be completely unsalvageable.  It’s considered better than going Outcast, as the angel will still have access to Rites and whatever Distinctions survived their disgrace, but it is still definitely a punishment.  Demons with Shackled have a harder time of it, as the Game more or less assumes that anyone with this Discord is simply on an accelerated timeline for going Renegade. On the other hand, the Game also won’t just pull in the demon for questioning.  Well, no more often than usual.

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