The House, Part 27/x.


That was two weeks before Halloween; and, true to his word, Wayne put together a seasonal mailer for the neighborhood that made sure that every house got its candy, no more than three days before the holiday.  As it would have been a week before the candy had lost its alarming virtues, I had plenty of time — oh, I suppose that I should note here that as I dreamed, I learned things. Things that I will not write down, now or ever.  Most people are not worthy of learning them. So the whispers in my dreams told me, and my waking mind sees no reason to disagree.

To continue, then: most people in the neighborhood consumed the candy as a matter of course.  Indeed, one might say that they felt almost compelled to, although more accurately they were enticed to.  But there was always going to be a few people who had not taken the bait, for one reason or another, which meant that a more personal approach would be needed.

I debated whether or not to bother, honestly. A gap here and there probably would not matter.  But in the end I decided to be as thorough as possible, and it is a point of pride for me that I managed to ensure that every adult for three blocks around had eaten one of my candies by the day of Halloween.

The children, of course, would be well fed that night.  And later? I suspected that the house would be, too.

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