Jack Ryan, Deadpool team up to do IMAGINARY FRIENDS flick.

Well. Their actors are: “Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski are teaming for Imaginary Friends, a fantastical comedy that is in the process of being picked up by Paramount… Krasinski will write, direct, produce and star and Reynolds will co-star in the tale of a man who can see and talk to people’s imaginary friends, befriending those that have been forgotten or discarded. However, some imaginary friends, lacking love and friendship, turn to the dark side, and it’s up to Reynolds’ character to save the world from those that become evil.”

But, honestly? I like my idea better. Just have Jack Ryan and Deadpool do it. Straight up. And never explain. Not even in the closing credits or the endscene. Have everybody there in the theater sit there afterward, wondering if what the heck they just watched is actually canon or not, for either universe. Or both!

I guarantee you, that would mess with people’s heads.

Moe Lane

Via Geektyrant.


  • jeboyle says:

    There is something horribly WRONG with you.

  • jeboyle says:

    Yes, well…I know that you DO warn people (the whole evil giraffe thing) and you DO have a family to provide for and of course I AM here of my own free will, so I guess this is really more of an observation than anything else, um…carry on?

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