Some details on the BLACK WIDOW flick.

Does involve Budapest; set between CIVIL WAR and INFINITY WAR; and will supposedly offer closure. Ehh, I don’t want “closure” in the BLACK WIDOW movie. I’m actually fine with how the character originally died: in the shadows, doing a very unpleasant job so that somebody else wouldn’t have to. Nah, what I want is a very kinetic action film where Black Widow can finally cut loose a little for more than a minute at a time.

And then, in the end scene, I want a quick thirty seconds of a somewhat older version of her and Cap watching from afar and checking off that little bit of making-sure-the-timeline-works before they go off and finish putting the Stones* back.

Moe Lane

*Look, I’m gonna say this until the day I die: Captain America doesn’t wreck people’s marriages, he’s incapable of swanning around SHIELD as Carter’s husband without somebody noticing, and there’s no God-damned way he’d just let Nat stay dead when he’s putting back the Stones and oh, yeah, he still has them all and Mjolnir to pound them into recalcitrant bits of the universe until an exception is made. I understand that the fanfic people call this ‘Fix-it Fiction.’ I’m cool with that, as long as it gets fixed.

3 thoughts on “Some details on the BLACK WIDOW flick.”

  1. “he’s incapable of swanning around SHIELD as Carter’s husband without somebody noticing,”

    I’ve said repeatedly that this is my primary objection to the otherwise blatantly obvious “Steve goes back and marries Peggy” ending.

  2. I’m perfectly happy imagining Steve Rodgers going back to 1945 (or whatever year it was) and proceeding to live his life out in a completely different timeline than the one we (mostly) see in the MCU movies.


    And yeah, they’ve got to have multiple timelines, just based on the principle that you can’t kill the same Thanos twice.

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