The ‘Silver & Me: Finding a Pro-Athlete Who is Pro-Hong Kong’ Kickstarter.

I will forgive JR Ralls for the Michael Moore reference. No, seriously, this is a real concession on my part. Greater good, and all that.

Assuming Silver & Me: Finding a Pro-Athlete Who is Pro-Hong Kong doesn’t get shut down by Kickstarter for ‘reasons,’ it’ll be interesting to see how this goes. And to see who gets offended by this. Particularly who gets offended by this.


  • Luke says:

    Pro Rodeo
    *Maybe* the National Hockey League
    Anyone got anything else of limited Nike sponsorship?
    I was hot enough about the actions of certain individuals, with the support of their leagues, that I haven’t watched the professional versions of some sports for over three years.
    That the same individuals and organizations are now actively kowtowing to Red China…
    The word “revulsion” doesn’t quite capture the intensity of the disgust.

    • acat says:

      No offense.
      I haven’t *intentionally* watched professional sportsball for over a decade.
      Of course, I do spend more’n average on books, so .. there’s that downside.

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