THE OUTER WORLDS launch trailer.

One week to go!

THE OUTER WORLDS and CONTROL are my 4Q of-interests (note that CONTROL is currently on 25% sale on Amazon and Epic); it’s gonna be an interesting fall, gaming-wise. But Obsidian is gonna have to make mod support a priority. I understand how come they don’t have it available, right out of the box; but they’re gonna need to jump on that because people WILL mod THE OUTER WORLDS. They’re gonna mod the hell out of it. That’s just gonna be the aesthetic for that game.


  • Aruges says:

    The graphics quality has me a little worried that the low budget may have impacted more systems than I’d like and also the QA effort. Given Obsidian’s track record on the second point, I’d expect this one to be a bug fest. Still, I’ll be right there playing it day one. Gotta have more New Vegas.

  • acat says:

    Mad props for using that T-Rex track .. nice touch!
    This looks .. potentially fun.
    I may have to start putting quarters in the “new game platform” jar.

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