The BOX 616 short movie from DUST.

Opinion after the fold. It’s spoiler-y, so watch before you read. Via Geektyrant.

Dumbass. The character, not the film. BOX 616 is worth the nine minutes, especially since it had a budget of under a grand (no, really)*. But I’m pretty sure that nobody reading this would have been anything like that dumb.

Moe Lane

*DUST is good at that. Also: we live in a goram Golden Age when it comes to small film-making.

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  • dljessup says:

    Like how they used the original number of the Beast rather than the classical one there.

  • acat says:

    Dust does some pretty cool ones ..
    spoiler space
    .. and yeah, your readers are .. less likely to blindly fall for “hurry!” regarding an event 70 years in the past ..

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