Deep-sea Explorers find WWII IJN aircraft carrier.

Oh, this is interesting:

A crew of deep-sea explorers and historians looking for lost World War II warships have found a second Japanese aircraft carrier that went down in the historic Battle of Midway.

Vulcan Inc. director of undersea operations Rob Kraft said a review of sonar data captured Sunday shows what could be either the Japanese carrier Akagi or the Soryu resting in nearly 18,000 feet (5,490 meters) of water in the Pacific Ocean more than 1,300 miles (2,090 kilometers) northwest of Pearl Harbor.

This is part of a larger expedition to find and identify all of the ships lost at Midway, and that’s just cool. So is the fact that we can muck around and do actual archeology(?) at that depth. Tech just keeps improving, hey?


  • junior says:

    They just located the Kaga (a small part of her had been found several years ago). Whichever carrier this tyrns out to be, a third will likely be nearby. That would leave Hiryu, Yorktown, Hamman, and Mikuma to still be located.

    • MichaelN21209 says:

      All the other stories I’m seeing about this are giving a definite ID as Akagi. Soryu can’t be far off, though.

      • MichaelN21209 says:

        Robert Ballard already found Yorktown, too, but I’ve never heard anything about the others.

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