Turns out THE OUTER WORLDS is available now for PC.

So I was alerted, by Constant Reader Aruges. Downloading it even as we speak. Maybe I’ll get on THE OUTER WORLDS for just long enough to create a character. …Yeah, yeah, but it’s Thursday night, not Friday. The kids have to be in school in the morning.


  • acat says:

    I really do need to get a game platform budget together. The xbox 360 is *really* dated, at this point ..

    • Moe_Lane says:

      PS4 is probably your best bet; good platform and they have most of the PS3 games available via PS Now.

      • Luke says:

        I’ve gotta disagree with that assessment.
        He already has a library of games for the 360, most of which will run on the XBone. He might as well leverage sunk costs to his benefit.
        The XBone is also cheaper than the PS4.
        (I believe XBone has the better subscription service as well, but I’m pretty sure that’s not really something he cares about.)

          • acat says:

            I’m willing to re-purchase the few games I enjoy, provided the new platform is relatively future-proof .. i.e. company isn’t gonna go away, and I can *probably* play the same games on the next iteration of their system.
            I’m considering a PC platform and just re-purchasing the few games I actually miss ..

      • Aetius451AD says:

        How is the shooting on the PS4? I have been burned by shooting on consoles before. I will probably still get it for the PS4 (my money is being saved to update the computer when Cyberpunk drops) but I just wanna know if it will be melee for me.

        • Luke says:

          I’ve only tried the PS a couple of times, but the limited experience I had was directly analogous to my extensive XBox experience. The buttons weren’t quite in the right places, but it felt the same. (My reaction times were just significantly slower.)
          Which means…
          It seriously depends on the game.
          Lots of games feel snappy and responsive. (Sometimes overly so. The Aim Assist in the original Destiny could become absolutely ridiculous if you got the right perks on the right weapon. Line up a headshot on a high value target, only to have a mook run between you, and have your crosshairs automatically track him.)
          Some play with the mechanic. (Titanfall 2 increases aim assist with movement velocity. If you’re camping in that game you’re missing the point. And a lot of crazy awesome fun.)
          Some are pretty good, within genre limitations. (Prey. The gunplay is solid, but it is *not* a fantasy of power!)
          Some are indifferent. (Anthem. Movement is amazing. Kewl powerz are great fun. Combo attacks add an interesting level of depth. Gunplay is… Serviceable. Meh, but you can reliably hit your target with some practice.)
          Some are just bad. Floaty, imprecise, aggravating. (The problem crops up more in third person shooters than in first person shooters. But the only example I can come up with at the moment is Fallout 4. Thank Bethesda for V.A.T.S.)

  • Luke says:

    Back on topic, everything I’ve heard about the game so far has been high praise.

  • Aruges says:

    “Constant Reader”… Hey I take breaks to eat and sleep.

  • Jon says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been tempted by a new game. The trailers and early reviews have been promising.

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