EA comes back to Steam, for what it’s worth.


For the first time since 2012, Electronic Arts is once again publishing new games on Valve’s Steam platform, the publisher announced today.

A preorder page for next month’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already up on the Steam store, and EA promises that “other major titles,” like The Sims 4 and Unraveled Two, will be available on Steam in “the coming months.” Multiplayer titles like Apex LegendsFIFA 20, and Battlefield V, meanwhile, will be available on Steam “next year,” with cross-play between the Steam versions and those on EA’s existing Origin service.

I mean, I have Origins on my system. I think*. It’s kind of a legacy, back from when I was still buying Bioware games. But if we’re going to lose a game store, sure, Origins. Steam, GoG, and all right, Epic should be enough, right? Not that I have much choice, and frankly Epic would be next on my list.

Moe Lane

*Turns out no. I guess I’m not finishing the last Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC after all, then.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    Not much really.
    Origin worked well for what I used it for: to buy games that I already knew I wanted.
    The thing about Steam is it is much more like a shop where you can browse when you have no specific game in mind. Still not perfect but along those lines.

    • Aetius451AD says:

      However, and I say this with a certain amount of personal self disdain, if they were to remaster the Mass Effect trilogy and release on Steam, I would probably buy.

  • 1_rick says:

    New EA games on Steam will also include the Origin launcher.

    • 1_rick says:

      It’s right there in the fine print on the Fallen Order page: “AND DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION OF THE ORIGIN CLIENT SOFTWARE (origin.com/download) REQUIRED TO PLAY.”

      • Luke says:

        Some of them.
        It’s been officially confirmed that Apex won’t need Origin at all. Not even an invisible background version.
        Which is why it’s coming to Steam 1Q next year, rather than immediately. (Even though it’s already freely available on PC.)
        Members of the PC Master Race are acting like it’s a big deal.
        I’m not quite sure why.
        The speculation is that the Steam version will launch concurrently with the coming mobile version for maximum market penetration.
        BTW, if you’re thinking about trying out the game, (being free and all), I encourage you to do so while you can still try the Halloween variant (ends November 5).
        It’s absolutely nuts.
        It starts out as a typical solo BR, but when you die, you turn into a fast zombie/werewolf thing with infinite respawns. (Ridiculous speed, really hard hitting melee, heat vision, infinite climbing ability, only 30hp). This continues until there are 10 survivors left.
        Then the game changes. The survivors have to combine forces as best they can, fight their way to the evac ship, and board it within the small window (IIRC, about 45 seconds) between when it arrives, and when it leaves. (Those survivors who die during this phase do not become zombies.)

      • Compound says:

        So, basically it’ll be like the Ubi games then. Eh. Whatever. If folks really need all their games to be in one place, the GOG Galaxy launcher integrates the GoG, Ubi, Xbox, Playstation, Epic, Origin and Steam libraries all into one program.

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