The Explorers of the Fantastic Kickstarter.

The Explorers of the Fantastic Kickstarter looks like it’s Alt-history Atomic Age roleplaying involving action science and Atomic-tech and big monsters. So far, so good…

…and there’s this from the pitch, too:

Your group, the Explorers of the Fantastic, has members from around the world and imitators in most countries. That’s a good thing, because your opponents are many: giant monsters from the Hollow Earth, giant monsters bred deliberately or accidentally by mad scientists, spies from the KGB or China who are intent on using the giant monsters against the forces of freedom, aliens intent on invading and conquering Earth, and opportunists selling giant monster body parts and illegal technology on the global black market.

Bolding mine. So you know that it’s not gonna be printed by Chinese slave labor, then. The PRC got book-burning touchy over a simple non-worshipful reference to the Chinese Communists in one RPG; you can imagine how aggrieved they’d be over being the junior Big Bad in this series. One hopes that somebody’s told this to Battlefield Press already, though.

Well, if not then they’ll likely figure it out soon.

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  • Gnarledhotep says:

    Oh, this looks fun. Especially since my son keeps wanting to play scientist / alchemist type characters.

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