I think that I’m most of the way through THE OUTER WORLDS by now.

Maybe 60%? I’ve done most of the companion quests, just hit 27th level (I’m a completionist), and will likely start on the endgame soon. And THE OUTER WORLDS is good, no question. I like the story and the way that its characters show some nuance. If you’re a booster of New Vegas over Fallout 4, this is a game for you.

And yet, it lacks something. I think that it’s the combination of two things that aren’t here, but are definitely in Fallout 4: the inability to personalize the world, and the lack of mod support. I know many people hate F4’s settlements, but I love them. I lovingly fashion little dollhouses for each one, then furnish them in nigh-obsessive detail, using only the finest third-party artisanal mods to get the best effects. In TOW I’m just kind of… visiting, hey? I got a ship, I got a bunch of genial lowlifes to hang with, and while I’m awesome enough to save everybody I’m not exactly invested here, you know what I mean? It’s not like the damn raiders are going after the tatos that I personally planted in the ground (eventually), in other words. I can chill out, and all that.

I dunno. They’ll probably let the modders loose at some point. Kind of curious to see what people come up with.

Moe Lane


  • Aruges says:

    I finished it last week. I’m with you on that it’s good, very good even, but not great. It’s missing something. Near as I can figure it’s that it never hits a truly high note. It’s solid B+/A- material, but never hits above that. The few twists or unexpected bits I encountered were welcome but they didn’t put me on the floor or anything.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    I finished it Friday night.
    I like it. I love what Obsidian has done in the past, and am exited to see what they do going forward with some good support behind them (although the lesson of Bioware should be a note of caution.)
    I cannot figure out what it is about this game that is not making me emotionally engage with it the way I should be.
    Is it because genre wise, it is no longer in the open world, completely insert yourself into the character and make your own story of Bethesda open worlds or Fallout, but actually touching a realm of space based adventure games which is ruled in my mind by Mass Effect? I don’t know that that is fair (it is most assuredly not) but I am having a hard time explaining this one.

    • acat says:

      Does the analogy “How clear are the rails?” make sense?
      Fallout D.C. (a.k.a. Fallout 3) had pretty clear rails .. to finish, ya gotta do these steps, and if ya try to do something too far out of order, you’ll get dead or worse.
      Fallout New Vegas buried the rails deeper … they were still there, and would show up regularly .. but they were hidden for vast stretches of the game.

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