In the mail: DREDD (2012).

I kept getting told that DREDD is one of these inexplicably unsuccessful gems, so I decided to finally get it to watch. God knows when I will, what with the schedule this week. Newsletter, and other stuff.

4 thoughts on “In the mail: DREDD (2012).”

  1. It’s much better than the Stallone version. Still a crime that there weren’t more movies after it as it was made quite cheaply and well.

  2. Ah, yes. Written by Alex Garland…the mark of quality.
    Not kidding. His six screenplays, in order of release:
    28 Days Later (nuf sed)
    Never Let Me Go (fantastic)
    Ex Machina (Oscar nominee)
    Annihilation (overlooked gem)
    Every single one of these is in my 100 favorite films of the last 20 years. If you haven’t seen any of them, Moe, all of them come highly recommended by me.

  3. This was a great movie, love Karl urban and he never took off the helmet all movie long! Plus it holds up to repeated viewing, a nice added bonus.

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