Finally finished THE OUTER WORLDS last night.

Verdict: THE OUTER WORLDS is very good, scratches the New Vegas itch, I had a lot of fun with the story. And I’m not going to replay it until there’s DLC. Or else six months after they put in mod support and the game’s structural limitations* are fixed.

Moe Lane

*Level cap, lack of romantic options, most of the perks don’t seem worth taking a disadvantage for, the armor and weapons seem a little stunted, being able to spend perk points on boosting attributes would have been nice, and I hate it when you see chairs in a game and you can’t sit in them.


  • Aruges says:

    There are those planets on the map that you can’t select. I assume they’re either cut content or for later DLC use.

    I actually found the lack of romancing options refreshing. Given this game’s more limited scope, probably would have had to cut back somewhere else in the game to have it and that wouldn’t have been a good trade off.

    I assume you went goody goody for the first run. Did you talk the final boss down or did you have to put them out to pasture?

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I shot whatshername (did take a stab at getting her to quit(, but I saw no reason why I should kill that one dude when it became clear that he would welcome his new alien overlord.

      It was nice when all those people showed up before, though. I was actually touched by that. That was theoretically risky for them.

      • Aruges says:

        I had been wondering how the faction allegiances would factor into the endgame, so having them help you out for the final assault was handy, if a bit overly “video gamey”. I only had 2 factions that didn’t adore me at the end, Auntie Cleo and the Board (natch for a goody goody run). I wonder what having Auntie Cleo be positive would do, if anything.

  • Luke says:

    I second the approval of no romance options.
    It’s terribly annoying when learning about a companion is considered a seduction attempt.
    (x100 if the NPC is homosexual.)

    • Aruges says:

      That was one of the more annoying things about Fallout 4’s approach to romancing companions. All were considered “playersexual” whether it made sense for their backstories or not. And at the end of their companion quest chain, if you decide to just be friends, they still hit on you and give you the option to hook up. No permanent way to have them accept being turned down.

  • jeboyle says:

    Well, this sounds like it is worth a look.

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