Interesting: SpectreVision working on adaption of ‘The Dunwich Horror.’

SpectreVision is the studio doing COLOR OUT OF SPACE, and they seem to have a taste for victuals you couldn’t raise or buy:

[Daniel] Noah and [Elijah] Wood revealed that they are in the very early stages of developing The Dunwich Horror, saying that they hope there’s “enough of an appetite for these things, and we can keep them going and make at least three of them” as they feel Lovecraft is “such an important voice in horror.”

[Richard] Stanley himself expressed interest in adapting Dunwich to us back in 2015, saying that he would “love to see the Whateley’s brought onscreen one day, as a kind of proper backwoods degenerate, Great God Pan crossed with The Texas Chainsaw family, type of way you would imagine.” He described the decision of whether to make Color Out of Space or Dunwich Horror first as “a toss up.”

Tough call. The Dunwich Horror is a more conventional story — it is, in fact, a heroic one — but The Color out of Space is easier to do without the risk of a botched CGI roll making the whole thing look cheap and silly. I was also unaware that Elijah Wood was a stone-cold Lovecraft fan. And has a taste for making movies that would make Lloyd Kaufman give an approving nod.

7 thoughts on “Interesting: SpectreVision working on adaption of ‘The Dunwich Horror.’”

  1. They want to do at least three. Dare I hope for an adaptation of The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward?

    I had no idea that Wood was a HPL fan either. I find it changes my view of him; that’s shallow of me, but I take him a bit more seriously now as a film maker.

  2. I’ve discovered something about Elijah Wood that I like.
    That said, I still want to shake him.
    Stop trying to adapt HPL into an immediate and visual medium!
    It just isn’t a good fit.
    Rather, adapt Klarkash-Ton.
    CAS doesn’t have the eerie of HPL, or the vitality of REH, but he was the craftsman of the three. And most of his stories play to the strengths of film. (I would even argue that, alongside Phillip Dick, many of his stories would be *more* effective in a visual format.)

  3. He’s got to spend some of that cold, hard, LotR cash somewhere. That tends to give advantage to skill rolls like CGI.

  4. They could also make Randolph Carter trilogy into an interesting movie or series. Carter is an idealized version of what Lovecraft envisioned he would like to be.

  5. Luke:

    You sold me on getting Clark Ashton Smith’s work on to film. I’d pay to see anything by CAS, if it was done by people who knew what they were doing.

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