Watched Episode 1 of THE MANDALORIAN.

It did not suck! I was wondering if it would. But THE MANDALORIAN’s first episode, at least, delivers the goods on action. I just hope that they don’t do something stupid, like make the actor take his helmet off or decide that he doesn’t really need to be a hyper-professional bad-ass if that gets in the way of him having feelings. He should be a hyper-professional bad-ass who’s so good he can shoot around his feelings. That’s what they did in the first episode, and it worked out OK.

‘Course, that was just the first episode. Later ones might suck. Call no show good until its cancellation.


  • BigFire says:

    I have spoken.

  • Luke says:

    It’s good to see that someone who doesn’t hate the franchise seems to be running this, but…
    Too little, too late, and content-locked to a premium service largely focused on kids.
    Star Wars est kaput.
    (It’s been so long since this formerly-raving-fanboy quit the franchise in disgust, that I don’t even care enough to read the reviews. And I compulsively read everything, up to and including cereal boxes.)

  • BigFire says:

    I looked at the credit, it’s odd that Pedro Pascal didn’t do his own voice in the Spanish dub. Oh well, I remember a while back Sigourney Weaver didn’t dub her own voice in the English dubbed version of One Woman or Two (the movie was in French, she did her lines in French which she spoke).

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