THE MANDALORIAN continues with the Not Sucking.

I just pretty much took the day off after the dentist, but episode 2 of THE MANDALORIAN dropped, so I watched it. It was good! Observations, in no particular order:

  • I like how Jawas are just pretty much utter sh*ts in this show. Not even villains; just really, really kick-worthy.
  • I hope they never take off this guy’s helmet. He’s great even without it.
  • Yeah, binge-watching is overrated. The dropping of episodes in a steady drip and not a flood? It’s working, here.
  • The background music’s pretty good.
  • And, not to make this completely unalloyed fanboy-ism: as my wife noted, this dude has a bad habit of dragging his bounties with him, even when it would be hideously inappropriate.

All in all, you just might like this.

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