There IS a God in Israel: John M. Ford will be coming back into print.

The linked article below is to Slate, but I will break a minor rule and say that you should read the Slate article anyway. It is not a very Slatish article, and the person who wrote it apparently at least help start the process of getting John M. Ford’s books back into print, so credit where credit’s due. I will forgive a lot from the person who got us access to Ford’s unfinished works, up to and including unarmed bank robbery.

Via @GenevieveCogman, who has a book out! Well, OK, The Secret Chapter is out in England. Here we have to wait until January.

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  • Jeff Weimer says:

    Yeah, but it’s Tor, so I’ll have to pass.

  • Phil Smith says:

    That was a great story. Full to the brim with inscrutable people. But forgive me, his partner was dumb as a fucking rock if she really did list herself as a “friend” on the police report after finding his body. What did she expect to happen at that point? OF COURSE the police refused her access to his belongings.

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