Robert Downey’s gonna do some animated voice work for WHAT IF…?

Well, sure.

In a recent interview with BuzzfeedThor: Ragnarok star Jeff Goldblum has confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. will be returning to the MCU in Disney+’s upcoming animated TV series What If…?, reprising his iconic role by lending his voice to the the animated version of Tony Stark/Iron Man. Goldblum revealed that his character Grandmaster will be featured in the same episode as Iron Man and Taika Waitti’s Korg.

Voice work’s a lot easier than voice and camera work, and Robert Downey can have a damned cheeseburger while he’s doing it, too. Easy money, folks. Easy money, the fans will love it, and he won’t have to do any close-ups of his head. If there’s a downside, it’s not immediately obvious.