Plex adds MGM films to upcoming free AVOD service.

This is… tolerable.

Plex is a media streaming service and they’re working on a free AVOD[*] library that will launch by the end of the year. The latest additions to this library are MGM films. We don’t have a full list, but it does include Oscar winners as well as cult classics with some examples being Rain Man, The Terminator, and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. MGM joins Warner Bros., Lionsgate, and Legendary in the list of studios working with the streaming service.

The movies will have ads, and you will not be able to avoid the ads, and congratulations! We’ve just reinvented network television movies, only with pause buttons, search functions, replay, and no television edits. Which… actually sounds OK, really. After all, they gotta make their money somehow, and I’d rather sit through ads than get another for-pay streaming service**. If the library’s decent, this Plex thing might work out.

Moe Lane

*Ad-supported Video On Demand.

**Indeed, I will not get another for-pay streaming service at all at this point.

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  • Luke says:

    My wife: the kids watch too much tv.
    Also my wife: we should subscribe to Disney+.
    Stalling for time doesn’t defeat the Kobayashi Maru, but the inevitable tends to occur more slowly.

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